14th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Kanazawa, September 11, 2010
Abstract Book (February 2011)

Virtual 3D-CT anatomy of the hepatic vein in hepatic surgeryMatsuyama R et al4
Three-dimensional figure of liver subsegments: safe and accurate liver surgeryKawaguchi Y et al6
The arteries of caudate lobe evaluated by CT angiographyOshiro Y et al8
Analysis of origins of feeding arteries of hepatocellular carcinoma in the caudate lobeMiyayama S et al10
Intra- and extrahepatic innervation in Suncus murinus, in whole mount immunohistological observationYi SQ et al12
A case of hypoplasia of the median segment of the liver with intestinal malrotationSawada A et al14
What means puncture for the body — Science of renal puncture —Watanabe H et al16
Supermicrosurgical flap transfer for hand reconstruction Yamamoto T et al18
Further clinical application of posterior tibial artery perforator (PTAP) flaps Yamamoto T et al20
Reconstruction using flaps pedicled by SCIP or SEAHara H et al22
Perforator flap reconstructive procedures for large lip defectsMatsuda N et al24
3-dimensional facial image constructed by 3T-MRIKashiwaya G et al26
Decubitus ulcer and anatomy of the sacral regionNishikawa Y et al28
Renaut bodies: histopathological significance of nerve compressionMitsuoka H et al30
Does Adachi's C-type brachial plexus affect the fundamental structure of the axillary lymphatic system? Reference to clearance areas of level I and II axillary lymph nodesMiura M et al32
Clinical application of a new obturator nerve block and anatomical evaluation of an ultrasound-guided obturator nerve blockUchino T et al34
Macroscopic anatomy and CT study on partial anomalous pulmonary venous returnOkamoto K et al36
A case of the right-sided aortic archMiyaki T et al38
A case of preaortic iliac venous confluence Unno T et al40
A morphogenetic consideration of the anomalous left renal vein: retroaortic and circumaortic left renal vein, anastomoses with the lumbar veinUeno Y et al42
Vascular variations of the circle of Willis (CW) and unruptured cerebral aneurysm in cadaver brains: a preliminary studyMatsuda W44
Para-cavernous sinus venous structures: anatomic variations evaluated on fat-suppressed 3D fast gradient-echo MR images Tanoue S46
Anatomical assessment of the external carotid artery system using flat panel 3D cone-beam CT angiography Kondo Y et al48
Verification of volume and form of maxillary sinus in human cadavers with impression materialMitsukawa N et al50
The difference between the fat-suppressed T2-weighted MR image and clinical findings of the core decompression techniqueTakahashi G et al52
Relationship between the clavicular motion during arm elevation and so-called coracoclavicular jointNakazawa M et al54
Optimization of the joint and cartilage: diagnostic potential of the differential interferential contrast X-ray imagingNagashima M et al56
Three-dimensional structure of the femoral calcar: studies using multi-slice CTKomatsu S et al58
The stabilizers on the medial side of the patella, especially on the morphology of the medial patellofemoral ligamentKoizumi K et al60
How was the concept of the liver subsegments established?Kogure K62
Surgical anatomy of the hilar plate and the Glissonian sheathEndo I66
The liver anatomy from the viewpoint of portal flow and drainage veinMiyazaki A68
Spatial relationship between the intrahepatic artery and portal vein Ibukuro K70
Anatomical analysis of the biliary confluence patterns, in the hepatic hilar area and the right lobe of the liverTakeguchi T et al72
Liver anatomy from the viewpoint of surgery: surgical anatomy for inferior vena cava and short hepatic veinHirai I et al74
Important vascular anatomy for laparoscopic gastrectomy and colectomy: evaluation using 3D-CT angiographyMatsuki M et al76
Imaging anatomy of the pancreasMori H79
A morphological consideration of the visceral fasciae with special reference to the renal fascia and its differentiation in the pelvic cavitySato T82