5th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, June 30, 2001
Abstract Book (February 2002)

Clinical anatomy for health care and medical education in the 21st centuryMarks Jr SC4
Some considerations on regional anatomy in surgery for rectal cancer and cervical cancerTakahashi T8
The existence of non-recurrent inferior laryngeal nerve as a risk factor of neck surgerySugino K et al10
A case of anomalous left common carotid arteryAsami Y et al12
Tortuous courses of the brachiocephalic and/or common carotid arteries anterior to the superior part of the trachea should be noted in tracheotomyHoriguchi M et al14
Topographical relationships of a retroesophageal right subclavian artery and it's surrounding structures: With special reference to the autonomic nerve distribution to the heartKawashima T et al16
The relationship between the lymphatics and the aortic hiatus in gastric cancer operationsYamada K et al18
Venous drainage of the lower esophagus and cardiaSakamoto H et al20
Resection of thoracic esophageal carcinoma associated with the right aortic arch using the left door open methodYamatsuji T et al22
Organization of pulmonary lymphatic vessels and metastatic process of lung cancer to mediastinal lymph nodesOhtani O et al24
Connection of the common hepatic artery to the inferior mesenteric artery: A case reportTakayama Y et al26
Right and ventral boundary of the caudate lobe (CL) in the relation to the anatomical landmarkMasunari H et al28
Segmental anatomy of the anterior segment of the liver: Evaluation with CTAPIzumi M et al30
An account of the left portal veinMiyaki T et al32
Innervation of the pancreas and major duodenal papillaYi S et al34
Safety of using living donor's aberrant hepatic artery for partial liver graft arterializationSakamoto Y et al36
A case of hepatopancreatoduodenectomy for gallbladder carcinoma with an annular uncinate process encircling the superior mesenteric veinMizuma M et al38
Anatomical consideration for anterior hepatectomy using the hanging maneuver without mobilization of the liverHirai I et al40
Long descending lymphatic pathway from the pancreaticoduodenal region to the para-aortic nodes: Its laterality and topographical relationship with the celiac plexusMurakami G et al42
Spinal cord segments controlling the canine vas deferensSato K et al44
Preparation of a large lateral sacral vein in amputation of the sacrumHagiwara A et al46
Surgical treatment and subsequent outcome in carcinoma of the splenic flexureNakagoe T et al50
Fine distribution of peritoneal lymphatic vessels in the rectouterina pouch and their lymph flowMiura M et al52
A histological study of Denonvilliers' fasciaKoide Y et al54
An embryological study of the rectovesical spaceAkita K et al56
On the opening of the lacrimal fasciaShinohara H et al58
The innervation of the N. glossopharyngeus in the tongueTamatsu Y et al60
More reasonable clinical interpretation of symmetry in human lung than in any 20th century medical textbookOtsuji H et al62
The iliopubic tract in the anatomy of the groinKawamitsu T et al64
What shape is the superior lumbar triangle, and what borders of it?Horiguchi M et al66
Anatomical study of the anterior tibial recurrent artery and its clinical applicationsSaze M et al68
The anatomy of perforationg veins in subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery (SEPS)Hirokawa M et al70
Clinicoanatomical examination of the free vascularized osteocutaneous fibula flapMatsuura M et al72
Anatomical study of the nutrient vessels of the genu flaps and its clinical applicationsSaze M et al74
The limb-saving method: With consideration of the barrier toward soft part sarcoma of the handTanizawa T et al76