11th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Toyama, July 7, 2007
Abstract Book (February 2008)

Cerebrovascular surgery based on the pathological studiesEndo S et al4
Histopathological characterization of intra and extra-cranial internal carotid arteriesMasuoka T et al6
A case of partial degeneration of the internal carotid artery accompanied with a remnant of the second branchial arch arteryChiba S et al8
Anatomical study of the efficacy of epidural blood patch in the cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia with special reference to relationships of the CSF leaks and epidural lymphatic systemMiura M et al10
Variations of the iliac veins with duplicate or left inferior vena cava on CTMatsuoka Y et al12
Evaluation of the frequency of aberrant right subclavian artery by multidetector CTSuzuki M et al14
Anatomical study of uterine veins and bladder veins by a radiographic cadaver injection techniqueNakamura M et al16
Observation of strain on the muscle, ligament, and joint capsule during motion of the shoulderAoki M et al18
An anatomical investigation of the component bundles of the m. vastus medialis and its innervation with special reference to the surgical approaches for total knee arthroplastyIkeda S et al20
Morphological study of the Bachmann's bundleYamaguchi T22
A rare case of inferior mesenteric artery arising from the superior mesenteric arteryYi S et al24
Aberrant course of the hepatoduodenal ligament and its review Koizumi K et al26
Analysis of the anterior branch of the left inferior phrenic artery from the right inferior phrenic arteryHieda M et al28
The superior group of vessels in the falciform ligamentIbukuro K et al30
Visualization by angiography-assisted CT of the left medial portal venous branch which supplied the right superior anterior sub-segment of the liverKobayashi S et al32
The drainage volumes of MHV tributaries corresponded to their diameters in cases of right hemi-liver graft without MHVSugae S et al34
Early gastric cancer and sentinel lymph nodeMiwa K et al36
Anatomical and physiological features of the anal canalTeramoto T38
Anatomical measurement of the internal anal sphincter for anal function preservation operation with intersphincteric resection: comparison between male and female patientsKoide Y et al40
Gross anatomical study of the role of human pharyngeal longitudinal muscles during swallowingSumida K et al42
Trigonum scalenovertebrale: 1. StructureMiyaki T et al44
Trigonum scalenovertebrale: 2. MembranesSaito T et al46
A case of horseshoe kidney accompanied by different types of variationsSumida K et al48
Embryonic origins of arteries distributed to the fused (horseshoe) kidneyIsogai S et al50
An autopsy case of horseshoe kidneyChiba S et al52
Observation of a pelvic kidneyFukazawa M et al54
Supramicrosurgical reconstruction for missing body partsKoshima I56
Demonstration of the topographical anatomy of the damage following a typical right subcostal surgical incisionSato T58