12th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, July 12, 2008
Abstract Book (February 2009)

Simple understanding of anatomy for laparoscopic sigmoidectomy with medial approachKuroyanagi H4
Laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer from the viewpoint of surgical anatomy in the pelvisOkuda J et al6
Operating behind Denonvilliers’ fascia for reliable preservation of urogenital function in total mesorectal excisionKinugasa Y et al8
Anatomical structure of the transverse mesocolon as reconfirmed by laparoscopic surgeryUematsu D et al10
Technical clips of laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy with autonomic nerve preservation for early gastric cancerSugita H et al12
Surgical anatomy for avoiding chronic pain following inguinal hernia repairIshiguro T et al14
Transnasal endoscopy is less traumatic on the oropharynx and the tongue than transoral endoscopy: a cadaver studyArakawa H et al16
The morphological changes in the submesothelial lymphatic vessel system in the pseudomyxoma peritoneiMiura M et al18
Local dissection for ultrasound diagnosis of anal fistula: mainly conjoined longitudinal muscleNakajima Y et al20
Accessory right renal artery passing anterior to the inferior vena cava: a case reportMakino T et al22
Bilateral partial pudendal nerves penetrated sacrotuberous ligament: related to perineal pain in the seated positionYi SQ et al24
Morphological study of modified brachial plexus and C4 block under fluoroscopyTakahashi G et al26
The shape of the triple branching of the posterior ramus of the spinal nerveSaito T et al28
The safe approach for the obturator nerve block based on anatomical structures: clinico-anatomical studyUchino T et al30
A rare case of anastomosis between the celiac trunk system and the inferior mesenteric arterial systemShima A et al32
Aberrant transverse colic artery arising from a splenic artery of the celiac arteryMiyaki T et al34
Study on the relationship between the distance from the root of the inferior mesenteric artery to the branch of the left colon artery and branch connectionIino H et al36
Arch vessel anomalies on MDCT: common brachiocephalic trunk and isolated left vertebral arteryMatsuoka Y et al38
A rare case with accessory cardiac bronchus and right upper lobe bronchus anomaly detected on multidetector CTSuzuki M et al40
Developmental description for the diagnostic localization of the ectopic parathyroid lesionsOkuda I et al42
Evaluation of the anomalies of the bronchovascular structures between right middle and lower lobes: demonstration by multidetector CTOkumura Y et al44
A case of congenital atresia of the external auditory meatus with dysplasia of the tympanic boneAizawa Y et al48
Topographical anatomy of the trigonum scalenovertebraleKitamura S et al50
M. malaris in superficial facial musculatureKashiwaya G et al52
Morphological characteristics of extracardial coronary anastomoses and extracoronary arteries in the normal human heartMiura M et al54
Minimum incision endoscopic urological surgeryKihara K56
Anatomical relation between the ureter and uterine artery on laparoscopic surgeryYoshiki N et al58
Composition, relationships and distribution of the autonomic nerve plexuses: morphological consideration and actual dissection demonstrationSato T60