17th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Kagoshima, August 23∼24, 2013
Abstract Book (February 2014)

Laparoscopy-enhanced surgical anatomy in pelvisSakai Y et al4
Clinical anatomy for laparoscopy-assisted operations with special reference to lymph node dissection for cancer of the stomach and the surrounding organsSato T6
Anatomy for neck dissectionTanzawa H8
Surgical anatomy for laparoscopic gastric cancer surgery: significance of fasciae and layersShinohara H10
Macroscopic and CBCT analysis of vessels and nerves distributed in the palate for bone reclamation for dental implantSato I et al12
Study of parotid duct nerve distribution in human fetuses and adultsAmano K et al14
Stratified structure of face: a theory of muscular framework and fat compartmentsKashiwaya G et al16
Clinical anatomy of the anterior communicating arteryMatsuda W et al18
Anatomical assessment of the distributed area of arterial blood vessels along the mandibular floorMiwa Y et al20
Visualization of lacrimal passage and mechanismSonoda S et al22
Situs inversus totalis: a case reportKurisaki T et al24
A case of variant scimitar syndromeHayashi S et al26
A case of quadricuspid pulmonary valveHarada T et al28
Research collaboration of clinical anatomy and doctoral defenses of physician scientistsNagashima M et al30
To investigate the differential effect on pain control for dysmenorrhea between the presacral neurectomy and laparoscopic uterine nerve ablationKato T et al32
A case of rectocele treated by laparoscopic rectopexy for mobile rectumKoide Y et al34
The radiographic contrast study for objective evaluation of obturator nerve block: anatomical considerationUchino T et al36
A case report of the forearm medial cutaneous nerve injury induced by venipuncture: clinico-anatomical studyTakami H et al38
Anatomical study of the meniscopatellar ligament: observation of the varieties and functionsArima T et al40
Reconsidering the pathogenesis of Achilles tendonitis based on tendinous fiber analysis findingsMiura M et al42
Are structural factors in elbow posterolateral rotation instability causing?: anatomical reconsideration of the lateral collateral ligament complex in the human elbow jointMiura M et al44
Functional anatomy of the acromioclavicular ligamentNakazawa M et al46
The CSF hypovolemia caused by a ruptured sacral meningeal cyst: a case reportSuzuki S et al48
Anatomical consideration of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak pathways of post-traumatic CSF hypovolemia with special reference to observation of MR myelographic findingsTakahashi A et al50
Laparoscopic radical lymph node dissection along middle colic artery based on embryology of transverse mesocolon for colon cancerMori S et al52
Microanatomy recognized on dissection of left recurrent nodes through thoracoscopyOsugi H et al54
Analysis of patterns of lymphatic flow in gastric cancer located in the upper third region of the stomach for avoiding proximal gastrectomyKinami S et al56
Embryological consideration for lymph node metastases of esophageal cancerOkuda I et al58
Safety methods of lymph node dissection for laparoscopic transverse colectomiesNagakari K et al60
A case of hepatocellular carcinoma with polysplenia and pancreatic hypoplasiaShoji M et al62
Significance of the accessory hepatic vein in the venous drainage of the liver from the viewpoint of comparative anatomyMiyaki T64
To understand the running of the intrahepatic vascular systems using a 3D imageMori Y et al66
Clinical assessment of the craniocervical angiologyFurukawa S et al68