13th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, September 26, 2009
Abstract Book (February 2010)

Improving anatomical training: cadaver dissection-based anatomy education from a clinicians viewpointSandzèn J et al4
Plastic model of sectional human body for clinical anatomical educationNagato Y et al6
Thoracic duct depiction by MRI: embryological consideration of thoracic duct configurationOkuda I et al8
Axial pull-out strength testing for cement injectable pedicle screw in cadaveric spineKomagata M et al10
A case of double inferior vena cava: the observation of connection with the azygos systemHayashi S et al12
Clinicoanatomical study of the vascular distribution in the pectoralis major musculocutaneous flapSatomi T et al14
Opening of the urethra by the anterior fibromuscular stroma (AFMS) of the prostate and its contribution to urination mechanismWatanabe H et al16
A rare case of bilateral multiple renal arteries associated with the testicular vesselsNaito M et al18
Anatomical aspects of maxillary sinus floor elevation procedureMiwa Y et al20
Study on internal derangement diagnostic imaging of temporomandibular jointOkamoto A et al22
Clinical investigation of a variational case of bilateral brachial plexusesTsunoda T et al24
Morphological study of the area of analgesia in brachial plexus block with large bulk latex solutionTakahashi G et al26
Function-morphological characteristics of the human gluteus minimus muscle: re-consideration of its kinematic function based on the innervation patternUmeki S et al28
Anatomy of the posterior rami nervi spinalesSaito T et al30
Four cases with anomalous pulmonary vein of the right upper lobe detected on multidetector CTSuzuki M et al32
The anatomy of gastroesophageal flap valve: human cadaver studyArakawa H et al34
Morphological characteristics of human omental milky spots and their morphological changes in omental disseminated metastasisMiura M et al36
A case of gastroduodenal artery originating from the superior mesenteric arteryNishizawa R et al38
Anatomical study on the branches of superior mesenteric vessels in colectomy for cancer of the right colonOhsawa T et al40
Microsurgical anatomy of the ventricles and cisterns under neuroendoscope (videoscope)Oka K42
Hemihypoglossal nerve transfer for acute facial paralysisYanai A et al44
Kinematic analysis of the cervical cord and cervical canal by neck dynamic motionEndo K46
MR myelography in patients with lumbar degenerative disordersAota Y48
Macroscopic anatomy of specific cranial nervesSato T50
Usefulness of clinico-embryorogical and developmental anatomy for cancer surgery: complete dissection and organ-preservationMatsuki M et al52
Neuroradiological evaluation of vascular variants based on 12,056 cases of cerebral MRATanaka M et al57