16th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Nagoya, September 8, 2012
Abstract Book (February 2013)

Laparoscopy-enhanced surgical anatomy in rectal cancer surgeryHasegawa S et al4
Surgical plane for reliable preservation of urogenital function in rectal cancer surgeryKinugasa Y8
Anatomy of the pelvis from the viewpoint of urologyIkemoto S10
Hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery based on surgical anatomy: significance of lymphatic dissection of root of the small-bowel mesentery for pancreatic head cancerOhta T12
Clinical anatomy of the posterior communicating arteryMatsuda W et al14
An experimental verification of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage from the lumbosacral spinal region in CSF hypovolemia: the true nature of CSF leakage image in radioisotope cisternographyMiura M et al16
The availability of the nerve root block with the pencil point type block needleTakahashi G et al18
Brachialis muscle has three heads: consideration for implication in elbow flexion contractureYamamoto M et al20
Anatomic considerations of superior cluneal nerve entrapmentKuniya H et al22
Anatomical evaluation of facial structures in the standing and supine position by 3D-CT imagingOkuda I et al24
The influence of patient position on the course of the blood vessels in the mandible and lower facial area during dental treatment: a cadaveric study of the course of the submental arteryMiwa Y et al26
Which is the isthmus of horseshoe kidney on CT/MR imaging: fibrous or parenchymal?Matsuoka Y et al28
Anatomical study of ‘BL23 (Shenshu)’Umemoto K et al30
Three-dimensional anatomy of the bronchial artery and thoracic duct using CT/MRI imaging for esophageal cancer navigation surgeryWada T et al32
Vascular relationships between the jejunal vein and superior mesenteric artery in right colectomy for cancerTsukada T et al34
Cotyledonoid leiomyoma of uterus with remarkable projection into the retroperitoneal space: report of a caseKato T et al36
The advantages and disadvantages of membrane: the perspective on extra-peritoneal space in inguinal hernia treatmentAsakage N38
Transmission of referred pain through the phrenic nerveNawa S et al40
Metastatic condition of the axillary lymphatic system of a patient who died of progressive bilateral breast cancer: anatomical examinationAbe M et al42
Morphological characteristics of the blood vessel system necessary for the safety of obturator nerve block: an atomical examinationUchino T et al44
Liver resection in a congenitally absent portal vein patient with a liver tumorKasahara K et al46
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy performed by the "French" technique based on clinical anatomyMori S et al48
Lymph node dissection in the region of the fetal right hepatic artery may improve prognosis in patients with gallbladder cancer Nakagawara H et al50
Significance of the accessory hepatic artery in the arterial supply of the liver from the viewpoint of comparative anatomyMiyaki T52
The vascular anatomy of the right-sided round ligaments of the liver: are the right and left lobe symmetry in terms of the vessels? Ibukuro K et al54
The variation of the third-order portal branches and hepatic vein branches of right anterior sectionKurimoto A et al56