7th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Yokohama, September 20, 2003
Abstract Book (February 2004)

Excision of rectal cancer based on anatomy and imaging of the pelvic autonomic nervous systemIke H4
Spinal cord segments controlling the cardiac blood pressure in the dogCho Y et al6
Three-dimensional computed tomography and three-dimensional magnetic resonance for spinal surgeryNishioka S et al8
An anatomical investigation of posterolateral structures in the human knee, with special reference to the popliteal muscleMiura M et al10
An anomalous branching of the common carotid arteryAsami Y et al12
Development of tongue shape and size in staged human embryosTamatsu Y et al14
Clinical anatomy for diagnosis and surgeryNagashima M16
Inner ear volume measurement using 3D fast spin echo MR imagingSuzuki M et al18
The evaluation of posterior portal ramification from 3D image reconstructed from CT-APRyu M et al20
A case of hilar cholangiocarcinoma for which preoperative 3D-CT was useful for the diagnosis of vascular invasion and the decision of bile duct resection lineSugita M et al22
Visualization of hepatic arterial branches by multidetector-row CT with intravenous contrast medium: A comparison with conventional angiographySakai H et al24
Investigation of hepatic venous system of right lobe graft by 3D visualization in living donor liver transplantation: Special reference to hepatic vein reconstructionMatsuo H et al26
Anatomical and volumetric study of hepatic venous branches of segment 4 using 3-dimensional computed tomography: Possibility of right lobe graft with middle hepatic vein in living donor liver transplantationOgata T et al28
Hepatic vein anatomy concerning partial liver transplantationsSano K et al30
Treatment of pancreas cancer with accessory hepatic arterySugiura Y et al32
Pancreatoduodenectomy with preservation of the arterial archade of the pancreas headKitagawa H et al34
Indication for laparoscopic total and subtotal right adrenalectomy according to the anatomical relationship between the right adrenal vein and short hepatic veinMoriya H et al36
Fascial structures and autonomic nerves in the female pelvis: A study using macroscopic slices and their corresponding histologyMurakami G et al38
Anatomical study of the pelvis by CT-defecography in patients with rectoceleMaeda K et al40
Understanding the anatomy of the sigmoid colon and rectum in laparoscopic colorectal surgerySuda T et al42
Minute dissection of an ileocecal intussusceptionChiba S et al44
Two cases of double inferior vena cavaMiyaki T et al46
A case of the splenorenal shunt in the student course of gross-anatomical dissectionHayashi S et al48
Complete double megauretersIimura A et al50
Video demonstration of the lymphatics and autonomic nerves surrounding the abdominal aorta dissected from the backSato T52