6th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, July 20, 2002
Abstract Book (February 2003)

Localized liver parenchyma receiving venous drainage from the outside of the main portal trunk: anatomy and imaging findingsMatsui O4
Investigation of circum-aortic renal veinMurata E et al6
Morphological and physiological study of the superior hypogastric plexusSato K et al8
Do pelvic splanchnic nerves run through the cardinal ligament?Kato T et al10
The distribution of the pelvic lymphatics and the relationship with the intrapelvic fasciasSakamoto H et al12
Superior testicular branch arising from the epididymal arteryMine K et al14
A trial of transrectal 3D ultrasonographySaitoh M et al16
An anatomical study of the cardiac veinsKawashima T et al18
Clinical study of early extralaryngeal division of recurrent laryngeal nerveSugino K et al20
Dipole analysis of spike in temporal lobe epilepsy: Comparison between head model and spherical modelYoshino A et al22
3D-tractography with diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imagingHonma T et al24
The middle meningeal artery arising from the internal carotid arteryKawai K et al26
Clinical utility of a quantitative analysis software of vascular structure (Advanced Vessel Analysis) in 3D imagingAbe T et al28
Anatomical investigations of recently-established procedures for liver surgeryMurakami G30
Organization of fluid pathways and lymphatic vessels in liversOhtani O et al32
Proposal of reclassification of the right anterior segment: evaluation with 3D portographyCho A et al34
Hepatic artery embolization in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma associated with median arcuate ligament compressionIbukuro K et al36
An ultrasonic investigation of the branching of the right hepatic and right inferior hepatic veins in the posterior segment of the liverItou Y et al38
Draining volume from middle hepatic vein: assessed with CT MPR (multiplaner reconstructed) and US imagesTeleuhan N et al40
Surgical anatomy of arteries running transversely in the pancreas, with special reference to the supra-transverse pancreatic arteryHirai I et al42
Multidetector-row helical CT in preoperative diagnosis of gastric cancerYamashita T et al44
The manipulation of cervicothoracic dissection in thoracic esophageal cancerYamada K et al46
Morphological features of the initial portion of the intramural lymphatic vessels in the large intestines: An enzyme-histochemical and electron microscopic obsevationMiura M et al48
Selection of stoma position and route by CT in rectal cancer patientsAoyama H et al50
Preoperative evaluation by multidetector-row computed tomography in patients with rectal carcinomaMatsuoka H et al52
Bronchial Arterial Injection (BAI) in four cases of pulmonary metastasis from colon cancerYoshinaga Y et al54
Detectability of Adamkiewicz artery using MDCTMiyamoto S et al56
MDHCT diagnosis of deep vein thrombosisKimura M et al58
A case of double superior vena cavaMiyaki T et al60
A case of the right aortic arch with the retroesophageal left subclavian arterySuzuki R et al62