15th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, September 2`3, 2011
Abstract Book (February 2012)

Education of clinical neuroanatomyNagashima M4
Anatomy of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in relation to lymphedemaOhtani O et al6
Clinical application for hepatic IVR based on the 3D-CT fusion image of hepatic artery and portal vein Ibukuro K et al8
Analytic study and clinical application of perforators of the whole body using MDCTHyakusoku H et al10
The experience of distally based radial artery perforator flap detecting the pedicle perforator using indocyanine green fluorescence angiographyHayashi A et al14
MDCT analysis of musculophrenic artery perforator (MPAP)Nakao J et al16
Utility of the intercostal artery perforators and nerves in a superficial circumflex iliac perforator flap transferIida T et al18
A perforator based island flap of the deep descending branch of the perforating branch of the peroneal arteryAkita S et al20
Usefulness of serratus anterior branch of thoracodorsal vessel as recipient vessel when using the free DIEP flap in breast reconstructionKawai K et al22
Minimal invasive breast reconstruction using the free perforator flapsSatake T et al24
The anastomotic connection between the mammary sentinel lymph nodes and lymphatic system of the upper extremity: a study on the pathogenesis of upper limb lymphedema following radical axillary lymph node dissectionMiura M et al26
Magnetic resonance-thoracic ductography (MRTD): various thoracic duct configurations in the patients with primary lymphedema of the extremitiesOkuda I et al28
New approach to primary lymphedema: magnetic resonance thoracic ductography (MRTD)Hara H et al30
Super-early diagnosis of secondary lymphedema: clinical significance of subclinical lymphedemaYamamoto T et al 32
Communicating pathways between intracranial and extracranial veins: do not forget the petrosquamosal sinusAbe S 34
The anatomy of the retroperitoneal space on CTTakeguchi T36
Vessels and nerves of the external genitalia from the viewpoint of developmental and comparative anatomySato T 38
Relationship between innervations and function of the serratus anteriorNasu H et al42
Anatomical study of the thoracodorsal nerveTakahashi N et al 44
Imaging evaluation of the facial structures and the affects of facial agingOkuda I et al46
Clinical anatomy of female retroperitoneal fasciaKato T et al48
A case of horseshoe kidney associated with blood vessel government and tissues of the kidneyNakashima A et al 50
Two cases of rare variations of the iliac venous system and bibliographic considerationOkada S et al52
Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery running between the dorsal and ventral pancreas: from morphological and embryological viewpointYi SQ et al54
Morphological study of the vasa nervorum in the peripheral branch of human facial nerveIshibe K et al 56
A case report of idiopathic intracranial hypertension associated with internal jugular vein thrombosis: pathogenesis based on anatomical variations of confluence of sinuses in cadaver brainsMatsuda W et al58
A clinico-anatomical study of epidural catheter displacementUchino T et al60
Renaut bodies: histopathological significance of nerve compressionMitsuoka H et al62
Anatomical characteristics of the paravertebral space and its dye spread pattern: a cadaveric model studyHasegawa R et al64