8th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Kanazawa, September 2`3, 2004
Abstract Book (February 2005)

Surgery and clinical anatomy of the morphology surrounding the vagal nerve (recurrent nerve): Anatomical viewpointTanaka S4
Surgical and anatomical problems of the vagus nerve (recurrent laryngeal nerve) in patients with cancer of the thoracic esophagus: View point of open surgeryTsurumaru M et al6
Thoracoscopic aspect of anatomy of the recurrent laryngeal nerveOsugi H et al10
Clinical anatomy of the vagus nerve and recurrent laryngeal nerve in the head and neckFurukawa MK12
Regional anatomy of the pelvic base and cavity from the viewpoint of urologyKurokawa K et al14
Cardinal ligament: Interpretation for pelvic connective tissue anatomyYabuki Y16
The importance of topology in surgical management for anorectal disordersTeramoto T18
Topographic anatomy of the lymphatics and autonomic nerves of the pancreas headSato T20
Structure of the lymph nodeOhtani O22
Two cases with falcine sinus identified incidentally by contrast-enhanced MR venographySuzuki M et al24
Radioanatomical study of the occipital sinus using contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance venography (MRV)Kobayashi K26
Duodenal varix: One cadaver and three clinical casesIbukuro K et al28
The morphologic characteristics of the pancreas, with special reference to clinical applications for surgery from an embryological perspectiveYi S et al30
Recognizing the arrangement of lymph nodes around the pancreas head and hepatoduodenal ligamentYi S et al32
Fine distribution and lymph flow of the subserosal lymphatic network in the hepatic lobe with special reference to the communication with lymphatics of the falciform ligamentMiura M et al34
The protal vein of caudate lobe evaluating from CTAPRyu M et al36
Portosystemic shunt on three-dimensional CT during arterial portographyTerayama N et al38
Anatomy of hepatic artery and portal vein in related to right liver graft transplantationKishi Y et al40
Nerve supply of the liverMiyaki T et al42
A case of middle colic artery defectHayashi S et al44
A study of lymphatic flow in patients with rectal cancer using the sentinel lymph node navigation surgery (SLN-NS) techniqueOkamoto N et al46
Fascial constitution on the posterior side of rectumTakahashi T48
Peritoneal structures on the posterior abdominal wall and pelvic cavityNagashima M et al50
Clinical anatomy of abdominal fascia for inguinal hernia surgeryIshiguro T et al52
The cremaster and the inguinal anatomyKawamitsu T et al54
An anatomical study of the posterolateral structures in the human knee based on normal MR imagingMiyamoto H et al56