10th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Tokyo, June 17, 2006
Abstract Book (February 2007)

Simulation skull base microsurgery and feasibility study of the spinal instrumentationNagashima M et al4
Anatomy of truncus sympathicus for stellate ganglionic blockSaito T et al6
Bilateral variations of the vertebral arteries: the left originating from the aortic arch and the left and right entering the C5 transverse foraminaIkegami A et al8
Superior thyroid and superior laryngeal arteries on CT angiographyTerayama N et al10
Nine cases of tracheal bronchus identified on multidetector CTSuzuki M12
Anatomical relationship between the axillary lymphatic vessels system and N. intercostobrachialis posteriorMiura M et al14
Anatomic studies of breast venous circulation and the nipple and areola complexSanuki J et al16
The vascular anatomy of the transverse intermuscular septum of the lower leg and the potential of the fascial flapTanaka K et al18
Anatomical relationship between the distal fiber component of the iliotibial tract and the lateral stabilizing structures of the kneeMiura M et al20
Morphologial study on the muscular branches of sciatic nerveFukazawa M et al22
Two cases of extraforaminal entrapment of the fifth lumbar spinal nerveTomori M et al24
Surgical anatomy of the innervation of the pylorus in humans and shrew (Suncus murinus)Yi S et al26
Clinical significance of tumor occupation of pancreas head carcinoma from an embryological point of viewKitagawa H et al28
Fascial structures around the ureterHashimoto M et al30
The role of the 3D triad image in making a decision for bile duct injurySugae S et al32
Concurrent right and left hepatic arteriesEzure H et al34
Anatomical hepatic resection in right-sided round ligament: a case reportSakai H et al36
Draining veins from gastric varices: evaluation with multidetector-row CTMaruno M et al38
Normal variations of the iliac veins on CTMatsuoka Y et al40
Regulation of seminal emission, bladder neck closure and colonic contraction by lumbar splanchnic nerves which form the inferior mesenteric plexusSato K et al42
Anatomical measurement of the internal anal sphincter for anal function preservation operation with intersphincteric resectionKoide Y et al44
Making of “Clinical Anatomy and How We Work”, the clinical-oriented instructional material for dissectionMaeda E46
Aberrant right and left gastric veins directly enter the liver from the hilusMiyaki T48
Aberrant gastric venous drainage: imaging and focal parenchymal changes of the liverMatsui O50
Gross anatomy of the inferior phrenic artery and the collateral pathways to the diaphragmKoizumi M52
The right inferior phrenic artery as extrahepatic arterial collaterals in angiographic interventionInaba Y54
Topographic anatomy of the lymphatics with special reference to cancer surgerySato T56