9th Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy Meeting
Chiba, June 11, 2005
Abstract Book (February 2006)

The first case of angiomyolipoma just beneath the gluteus maximus muscleOtsuka N4
An anatomical characteristics of the component fibers of the iliotibial tract and its kinematic significanceMiura M et al6
A case with a constricted and occluded external iliac arteryKoizumi K et al8
Four cases of accessory cardiac bronchus incidentally detected on multidetector-row CTSuzuki M et al10
Anatomy of right recurrent nerve node: why does early metastasis of esophageal cancer occur in this node?Mizutani M et al12
Situs inversus totalis associated with the preduodenal hepaticoduodenal ligament: report of an adult cadaver case with clinical practice analysisYi S et al14
The course and joining of the right and left gastric veinsMiyaki T et al16
A case of the middle mesenteric arteryHayashi S et al18
Left inferior phrenic artery arising from the left hepatic or gastric arteryIbukuro K et al20
The types and frequencies of variations in the biliary tract associated with a major portal vein anomalyKitami M et al22
Micro flow imaging with definity for visualization of peripheral vascular structure in the liverMatsutani S et al24
Three-dimensional relationship of left hepatic artery to portal vein and bile duct: analysis by the three-dimensional integrated imageSakai H et al26
Portal venous branching patterns of the right-sided round ligament casesMatsubara K et al28
Grasp of surgical anatomy and selection of operation procedure for patients with hilar cholangiocarcinoma using multidetector-row computed tomography and high-end imaging analysis systemSasaki R et al30
Usefulness of 3-dimensional CT for the vascular invasion of the hilar bile duct cancerSugae S et al32
A proposal for improved pelvic surgeryKinugasa Y et al34
Pelvic splanchnic nerve (Pelvic nerve) containing the sympathetic nerve fibers controlling retrograde ejaculationSato K et al36
Preliminary perineal surgical procedure and its usefulness in rectal resection for rectal cancerFunahashi K et al38
Topographical anatomy of the esophagus with special reference to the lymphaticsSato T40
How to evaluate surgical skills in the anatomical view pointsMurakami G42